Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 12 Close But No Cigar

After yesterday's funk I really needed to get with the program. I had very high hopes. Actually, High apple pie in the sky hopes. So... I put in an 80 minute extrasuperduperhard tape.

I fared better than I thought, in hindsight. Okay, okay. I only lasted about 45 minutes before I pressed rewind on the VHS and went straight into forward bending and Savasana. Still the belly in the way in Revolved Triangle. Still the belly flops in Chaturanga. Still the shaking thighs in an extended hold Proud Warrior. But... I ATTEMPTED THE THING!

Even though I did not finish the tape, and even though I faltered in some areas, I got on the mat and I pushed myself more than I had in over a year, possibly two. And for that, I was quite pleased with myself. Yes, thank you.

Shortly after I came out of the studio, (I now call it the studio cuz just how cool is that?) dear Husband asked if I wanted to leave a day early to Regina for the family BBQ. Yes, yes I did.

So we packed up rather quickly (forgetting some essentials) and headed off for the weekend

Tons of fun. Went out for supper with my Mother. Athena almost scarfed down an entire plate of Calamari herself. Went swimming in the hotel. On a bad note, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror with my bathing suit on. Not good. Visited my sister Keri and her family before they headed off on vacation. Then off to the party at my other sister Tamara's house where my brother Mike and baby sister Dana were also in attendance. Good food, good fun.

Headed home on Sunday to a cool rainy day which was just the right medicine for in Regina it was cooking hot. Not a fan. Not at all as previously posted.

I have good intentions for the week to come.

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