Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 11 What The Heck?

Today has been just dreadful. It gets worse. It is only 12:38pm.
It started off with a Breakfast of Champions. White toast with... get this... Cheez Whiz. Darn it that Paul ate the last of my yogurt! I wanted to get my housework done so after I talked with Jen on the phone, checked emails and my blogroll, I got right to it. I was interrupted about a million times by Athena who always ALWAYS says "Mommy, howbout you saw a robot and his name was Tiny" And then I have to say "Oooh, I see a robot. Is your name Tiny?' . I hate that game.
She does this every day with variation. Could be a deer, a dog, Davey or Goliath. Each time she says it to me I cringe, then I smile and do as she requested. Not today. I could hardly speak to her without some sort of annoyance coming through. Then I would apologize and the next thing out of my mouth was the same. I had no patience. None.

So, while I was cleaning on of our 3 bathrooms (I had the nerve to wonder why in the heck we have 3 stupid bathrooms anyway!) I wondered why I always had so much to do. Why indeed?

Every day I have a list of things an arms length long to do. I sill have not finished knitting my Mother's slippers. They were her Mother's Day gift for Pete's sake. I now have sewing to do. I did finish weeding the front beds but should really be weeding the back too. I have a stack of books up to my knee that I haven't even cracked open to read. I have the pantry to clean and the fridge should really be wiped up a bit.
It is not that my house is messy. It isn't. It is very tidy, very clean. Mess just drives me insane so I spend time cleaning it. I don't work outside the home, I don't go visiting friends all day, so why oh why do I always have so much to do?

I haven't practiced yoga yet today. I am expecting a call from my sister any minute now and the last thing I want to do is practice. And to top it all off, it is hot outside. Always good for another dose of grumpy. For me anyway. I would much rather live in Alaska. Add to that pile is the fact that Paul is away again. Agghhh! Why must I be married to a man who travels so much? It is getting hard to handle these days. I think I might just snap.

So there you have it. Miss Grumpy Pants. I hope the day gets better. I feel a little less irritated now that I ate lunch. I better smarten up though. I always say people who are grumpy are spoiled brats who don't get their own way.


Kaivalya said...

Aw, I can relate. I've been in some sort of funk all week. I think it's partly due to weather. This morning, I decided that this weekend will be the Weekend of Greatness and furthermore, next week will be the Week of Greatness! Hang in there (and remember, you don't need to have a 'good' practice every single time you step on the mat; the merit is in the effort.)

Michelle said...

So encouraging as always Kai. Thanks.

Dawn said...

I hope things going better now..I noticed the date on this post is from last week, don't know how I missed this.
I think the heat has definitely been making me grumpy- and I really have no excuse because I am sitting inside an air conditioned house, but grumpy I am. ;)